I have always loved Ballerinas – there is something magical about these women. How elegant, beautiful they are and all their graceful movement. I am just fascinated by them. But not everybody is a ballerina or can be a ballerina. But I still want to offer this kind of beautiful portraits to my clients.

That is why I have decided to do „Dance Style Portraits “. The best thing about them is that you don’t have to be a real professional ballerina or dancer. Of course, some experience is always welcome, but also if you are beginner you are welcome and I will pose you the way that matches your experience level.

Magdalena is a perfect example. Beautiful youth lady, with a little ballet classes experience from years ago.

I talked about all the details and poses with her before. The day she arrived we went together through all the dress that I have in my studio and found some perfect matches. Magdalena brought her ballet shoes and black ballerina skirt.

Jerrianne, my awesome make-up artist, took care of her make-up and hair. We decided us for four different looks.

I think I don’t have to say that I am in love with Magdalena’s portraits. And I will be more than happy to offer every young lady this experience. Because everyone should have beautiful portraits. Such portraits are your own legacy.

Hair & Make-up: Beauty by Jerrianne

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There you can find some short Behind the Scenes video – don’t forget to play it in HD .)

The first look was with straightened hair and hat, dark grey overall and fresh make-up. I love the final look of this portrait.

The second look was more dreamy – white tulle skirt with a vintage beige corset. Jerrianne curled Magdalena’s hair and the make-up went more to rouge pastel tones.

For the third look, we decided to take a beautiful champagne dress from my studio selection. And I photographed Magdalena in front of a white wall.

The black ballerina look was the last one. Black tulle skirt with a black body. Jerrianne did a nice double braid and changed her make-up again a little bit.