Claudia reached me out to me in the middle of the December, she had seen my photographs on Instagram and wanted to discuss a maternity photoshoot with me. She already had some ideas of her own including how she would like to be photographed. She told me her story, that her parents came from Chile, how she loves the Chilean culture, food & colours and that she would like to do something in a Frida Kahlo style. Wow, wow, wow– I got so excited because I love these kind of photoshoots and I already knew where to get the flowers and what kind of dresses &  accessories I would like to use.

We discussed everything on the phone and later on in person. The more I got to know Claudia, the more I knew I could create some absolutely wonderful photographs for her. She just shined so brightly with positive energy and I felt that she is the happiest mom to be ever.

On the day of the photoshoot, Claudia arrived in some comfortable clothes and I showed her my studio and my products and took the obligatory “before” picture. Then Jerrianne, an amazing make-up & hair artist took care of her.

We split the photo session into two parts – the first one was with lighter make-up and curly hair and the second was dedicated to Frida Kahlo inspired looks. Jerrianne did a great job as always – I am truly so impressed by her work and skills in every single session that we do.

All together I photographed and posed Claudia in three different outfits and a couple of different photo set-ups. Throughout the shoot she just kept on shining. I selected and edited the 20 best photographs and presented them to her through our Online Reveal Session. She decided on my Gold Collection filled with 12 beautiful fine art prints and 3 gift prints, which she planned to give to her loved ones.

I am so in love with this photoshoot and Claudia’s final images, so much so that I will print and frame one of her photographs for my studio.

Here you can see the final images and the “behind the scenes” video. If you would like me to take photographs of you then don’t hesitate and get in touch for a free consultation. I will be happy to custom design your perfect photoshoot.

Beautiful Make-up & Hair Styling: BEAUTY BY JERRIANNE